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Sugru: "
Sugru is a soft moldable material that reminds me of Fimo clay. But unlike Fimo, it does not have to be heated to cure. It air drys and is rubbery and sticks to anything. I used it to make a new button for my utility knife when the plastic one broke. I made bumpers for my cell phone. I put some on my tools so they would not roll off the table. I am still discovering ways to use the product.

-- Philip Lipton

This stuff comes in tiny pouches of different primary colors. You knead a bit with your hands until soft, then you apply it where you would like an additional grip, or stop, or section of repair. It's pretty sticky, can be worked like clay, but dries into a hard rubber. The photo shows a paring knife handle that was falling apart from years of dishwasher use. I coated the outside with Sugru and it now it feels great and is dishwasher proof. See Sugru's website for other ways it can be used.

-- KK

Sugru Smart Hacks Packs

~$17 (£11) for 12 5g-sachets a mixture of colous

~$9 (£6) for 6 smart 5g-sachets a single color

(global shipping is cheap!)

Manufactured by and available from Sugru


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How to make Sriracha "rooster" hot sauce at home

How to make Sriracha "rooster" hot sauce at home: "Well, I know what I'm doing this weekend: here's a recipe for how to make sriracha hot sauce, the ubiquitous Asian restaurant condiment in that clear plastic bottle with the little white rooster on the side. (via Farhad)


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Introduction to Mind-Altering Parasites

Introduction to Mind-Altering Parasites: "

My wife on mind-altering parasites:

There are dozens of similar behavior-altering parasites, each as fascinating as the next. Most of these parasites are specialized to a single species of host. The large majority infect insects or creatures on the low end of the evolutionary scale. There are some exceptions, including Toxoplasma gondii which lives in cats and infects humans. Toxoplasma gondii also infects rats and makes them lose their fear of cats- an infected rodent will waltz right up to cat’s hangout spot, only to be eaten and live inside the cat’s intestines long enough to get back to its preferred host, a human. Studies are still being done on the effects of Toxoplasmosis, but it seems to produce introverted and anti-social tendencies in the host, along immune and neurological problems.

Prime Surrealestate: Mind-Altering Parasites



Boomerang Wok by Nikolai Carels

Boomerang Wok by Nikolai Carels: "

boomerang wok 1

The Boomerang Wok by Nikolai Carels allows you to flip omelets back onto themselves or cook without flinging food out of your pan. The pan has a strategically-designed inner lip that curves inward to keep food from flying over the edge.

From the website:

Stir-frying enables you put a delicious, varied and healthy meal on the table in no time at all. Unfortunately, when stir-frying some of the ingredients do tend to end up next to the pan. However, with the Boomerang Wok this is a thing of the past! Thanks to the unique patented cupped edge of the Boomerang Wok, the ingredients can be turned with a simple movement of the spatula. The ingredients always end up back in the pan.

The Boomerang Wok not only makes stir-frying a bit easier, but larger pieces of food, such as a fillet of fish or meat can be turned in no time at all using the unique patented cupped edge.

The Boomerang Wok means it is no longer necessary to lift up the pan; the skills of a Chinese chef are incorporated in this pan.

Stir-frying has never been as much fun and as easy, and the cooker stays clean!

boomerang wok 2

boomerang wok 3

boomerang wok 4

boomerang wok 6

boomerang wok 5

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Human-Like Brain Found in Worm

Human-Like Brain Found in Worm: "For the first time, a structure comparable to our cerebral cortex has been found in an invertebrate -- a humble marine ragworm."

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