Tuesday, March 25, 2008

History Podcast on ZENcast.com

History Podcast on ZENcast.com

History Podcast
HistoryPodcast is a show simply devoted to history. Anything and everything related to history will be covered. If you have a passion for history this is the podcast for you.

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Thomash's philosophys

cut nd saved for later reading from thomas' page


Ken Wilber particularly for 'Sex, Ecology, Spirituality'... and for 'A Brief History of Everything', for those of us who couldn't get through 'Sex, Ecology, Spirituality'. Ken Wilber is a Guru of looking at things from all sorts of levels and directions. His "All quadrants, all levels" ideology is a great help to anyone seeking objectivity. Truly a saint to those who seek discernment in relation to Truth.

Can't get much more spiritual cred. than this guy. The Dalai Lama is a grand speaker, with many worthy observations on life, and how to live it. Although I believe his messages change with his audience, at times avoiding the heavily moral teachings of Buddhism as a religious doctrine. All the same, this man has a wonderful and honorable message of peace for the world.

One of the father's of modern analytical psychology, Carl Gustav Jung. I believe him much more insightful than Freud, even tho his often medieval bent probably has more to do with his childhood than with objective meaning. But I suppose it was a vital era for the modern world. I think he's great. Particularly for 'On the Nature of Psyche' and his non-sexual take on libidinal and psychic energy.

Bruce Lee's writings first introduced me to Taoism. Specifically in his book "Tao of Jeet Kune Do". Whilst clearly somewhat open to violence, and the indulgences of celebrity, Bruce still has a lot to impart. His writings on the mindset of fighting are applicable to all types of challenges. Inside this man has a peace which served him well through life, and every fight he had.

Alan Watts is famed for bringing eastern philosophies into popularity in the 70's. An occurrence that has highly effected how much of it seeps into modern culture (and Psychology). I highly recommend searching for and downloading any of his lectures. He is an expert on describing Zen and Taoism to the westernised mind.

Timothy Leary. Okay, he did way too many drugs. But in so doing, he brought great lessons to the world. The most worthy work of his I've read is "Your Brain is God" in which he outlines what best helps to define the bounds of a self, and does so with many insights to culture, and his view of the world. Read Leary so you don't have to mess with your own brain chemistry.

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this is a fun show !!

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Dr Mindbender's House of Doom

.... as seen on ....
Dr Mindbender's House of Doom
Rooms for lease. Apply within.

"At present they are trying to bring in microchips and various mechanisms to brand and keep control of their cattle population to stop it from ever growing too strong or powerful or working out what is going on, and revolting like it did when it had twelve strands.

I don't know, I'd like to live in this kind of universe, as apposed to Jean Paul Sartre's one. This universe has meaning, imagination, and life, even if it is conflicting.

But the underlying problem with both worlds, one where man is alone and meaningless, and the other where is connected to some struggle with external agency, DNA, and war is that want and truth are not the same thing."

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